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Queenie Wu

A dialogue on design between a mentor and a mentee

Shopify is full of talented UX folks —I tried to capture some people from the team in this illustration.

Mentorship is valuable. Especially in UX where the landscape is broad and the terrain is steep — having a helping hand is key to accelerating your growth. At Shopify, every intern is paired up with an experienced mentor and many interns say it’s a significant factor in their improvement. But what exactly does that mentorship look like? How do you best use your mentor’s time? Or as a mentor, how can you best facilitate success? …

How I got to help TEDxUW piece together “Ideas worth spreading” and “Ideas start here”.

Two weeks ago, TEDxUW wrapped up our 7th annual conference dedicated to showcasing some of the most insightful, creative, and amazing individuals from the Waterloo community. Though October 13th was spent making sure the day ran smooth, the months before that were filled with giving the conference a personality that ended up attracting 24K+ unique social media impressions, a 200% increase in social media followers, 1K+ mailing list subscriptions, and 700+ attendees.

Without further ado, here’s how the visual branding came to be.

A still from our event cover photo

TED’s motto is “Ideas worth spreading”, and The University of Waterloo’s motto is “Ideas start here”— both…

What is Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo?

In a university full of impossible assignments, freezing snow, and an overwhelming number of co-op job applications… Queenie Wu, that’s me, and my 91 classmates try to do the impossible: create a guide that will help you survive school.

*cue theme music*

I recently finished up my first year of Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo (Class of ’22). Whether you’re a curious about the program and school, anxious to start your first day, reminiscing on your own first year, or just browsing, I hope you enjoy my little personal musings.

Part of the SYDE crew after 1A
  1. It takes a village to raise a…

It seems like everyone who writes about imposter syndrome doesn’t know what it’s actually like to be an imposter

Featuring some less-than-professional Microsoft OneNote doodles 😯

Julie Zhuo writes about it, Optimal Living Daily talks about it, and when you read it, you think:

“Obviously they can get over imposter syndrome, they’re not imposters!”

But you are a fraud. Right?

If you’re familiar with the dizziness of rapid change, the burn of inadequacy, or the suffocation of being crowded by those who are miles ahead, then you have met my dear friend imposter syndrome. Despite being especially prevalent in the tech world, it’s not at all represented enough in our everyday conversations — and oh how I love having conversations.

Equipped with my new favourite topic…

Four months taught me a lot about being a designer, and a lot more about being a good designer.

After only one semester of school, my whole class was packed up and ready for our first co-ops. Some were developers, some were designers, some were QA testers, some were analysts, some were research assistants… Though our experiences ranged, we all had one thing in common — we were in store for more learning than we ever expected.

I landed a position as a Design co-op student at Scotiabank FactoryU — a research and experiment centre in Waterloo, ON. I was ecstatic and a half to start my first day. I imagined sticky notes upon sticky notes, a stack of…

Languages and communication have always been considered an art form, but development languages are considered a science. This is how I tried to flip the latter.

When I put down my pencil after writing my last French 11 essay, I thought I would never have to take another second language course ever again. I was headed to University, where all the classes I needed to take were all the classes I wanted to take (what a lie). Syntax was never my friend. She was too meticulous, condescending, and bigoted for me to even hold my hand out to her. She was the annoying cousin to Grammar, and the evil counterpart to Artistic Expression.

If you scroll through the list of faculties and studies at any university…

Queenie Wu

I'm a small designer, here on medium, blogging about big dreams. Find me @

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